Goodfield State Bank


Goodfield State Bank offers a wide range of loans. Whether borrowing a small percentage of the investment's value, 100% of the value, or need down payment assistance, Goodfield State Bank has a program that's right for you. We offer flexible payment options with coupon books, online bill pay and automatic account transfer options. To schedule an appointment,simply give us a call at 309-965-2221 (Goodfield) or 309-467-2747 (Eureka).

Fixed Rate Loans

Monthly payments remain unchanged for the life of the loan. Available in terms up to 30 years.

Balloon Loans

Provides flexibility in loan terms and conditions. Great for construction and rehabilitation or financing of investment property.

Down Payment Plus Program

Provides grants of up to $5000 for down payment assistance to qualified home buyers.

Guaranteed Rural Housing Program

Available to those living in rural areas specified within the program, this financing option allows 100% LTV, the ability to finance closing costs, and does not require PMI.

Construction Loans

Whether you are building new, remodeling or adding an addition to your home, Goodfield State Bank offers construction loans for both small and large projects.

Bridge Loans

Enables you to use the equity in your current home as a "bridge" between two home loans, allowing you to buy your new home before you've sold your current home.

Home Equity Loans

Equity loans allow you to use the equity in your home to help you satisfy other financial needs. These loans can also be used to assist you in making the down payment on your new home.

Car Loans

Offer competitive rates on new and used vehicles. Customers can obtain a ¼ percent discount for automatic payment from a checking account.

Personal Loans

Unsecured loans are available to qualified loan applicants.

Debt Consolidation

Agricultural Loans

Farm operating loans are available at a low fixed rate. We provide available financing for equipment.

* Please contact Goodfield State Bank for rate information.